Annual Events

For more local information, please visit Round Top Chamber of Commerce for more details.


Today, Round Top continues a new tradition made famous with media’s passion for antiques. The Round Top Antique Fair scheduled in the first full weekend of April and October is one of the nation’s largest antique events covering 10 miles radius around Round Top. The antique fair originally started in 1968 at the Big Red Barn. It was so well received that it expanded so much over the years, that visitors from around the States and all over the world pay homage to this bi-annual event. This antique weekend video provides a nice introduction what goes around town in one of our busiest season of the year.

Round Top is also the home to Festival Hill Performances located in Round Top Festival Institute providing internationally acclaimed classical music for distinguished musicians and aspiring students. The concerts are broadcast through a yearly program titled “Live from Festival Hill” over public radio stations from coast to coast.

Also, University of Texas sponsors Shakespeare performances in Winedale, helping masses explore the rich and complex dialogs of Shakepearean minds through the creative acts of his plays.

In addition, nearby town of Burton houses the official Cotton Gin Museum of Texas with a working 1925 Bessemer Type IV diesel oil engine. The restored 16 ton “Lady B” is the largest internal combustion engine of its vintage still operating in America! Come join the excitement of the Burton Cotton Gin Festival held annually during the third weekend in April. Come be apart of keeping the history and heritage of cotton alive.

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